Timber Frame Pavilions in Lancaster County, PA

Iconic timber pavilions designed to impress at any outdoor venue

20x40 Timber Frame Pavilion

Timber Frame Pavilions in Lancaster County, PA

Iconic pavilions designed to impress at any outdoor venue

Timber Frame pavilions are grand outdoor living structures providing a delightful venue for retreat centers, business resorts, weddings, parties, parks, and more.

Design your timber frame pavilion and transform your Lancaster County outdoor recreational area!

Timber Frame Pavilion Styles

Grand Teton Pavilions incorporate gracefully arched ribs and powder-coated strapping for a stately and stylish feel.

Kingston Pavilions majestically stand head & shoulders above the average pavilion and are ideal for parks, churches, wedding venues, and more.

Featured Timber
Frame Pavilions

Benefits of a Timber Frame Pavilion in Lancaster County

The design of timber frame construction is made up of more than just skilled carpentry alone. Timber framing requires old carpentry techniques to join the wooden beams together into a tight latticework structure.  The carefully joined beams are then held together by wooden pegs that leave an astonishingly stiff and secure connection.

Our crews are trained to build and install your Lancaster Country outdoor timber structure to make sure it lasts for many generations to enjoy!

Popular Timber Frame Upgrades

Standing Seam

Deluxe Upgrade, Standing Seam Metal Roof

12x16 Vinyl Hampton Cupola


For extra visual appeal.

Regular Metal

Premium Upgrade, Regular Metal Roof

Pequ. Mushroom


Pequ. Mahogany


Pequ. Keystone Gold

Keystone Gold

Pequ. Rustic Cedar

Rustic Cedar

Pequ. Redwood


Pequ. Jarrah Brown

Jarrah Brown

Pequ. Mahogany Flame 2

Mahogany Flame

Pequ. Natural


Standard Shingles

GAF Timberline HD Asphalt Shingles Standard on all Timber Frame Pavilions

Timberline Hd Hickory


Timberline Hd Shakewood


Timberline Hd Barkwood


Timberline Hd Mission Brown

Mission Brown

Timberline Hd Weatered Wood

Weathered Wood

Timberline Hd Fox Hollow Gray

Fox Hollow Gray

Timberline Hd Oyster Gray

Oyster Gray

Timberline Hd Pewter Gray

Pewter Gray

Timberline Hd Williamsburg Slate

Williamsburg Slate

Timberline Hd Charcoal


Timberline Hd Slate


Timberline Hd Hunter Green

Hunter Green

Timberline Hd Patriot Red

Patriot Red

Standing Seam Metal Roof Colors

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Colors printed on this page may not be accurate and should be used as a reference only.

Abs Ch Charcoal Gray

Charcoal Gray

Abs Db Dark Bronze

Dark Bronze

Abs Bl Matte Black

Matte Black

Abs Gb Gallery Blue

Gallery Blue

Abs Cg Classic Green

Classic Green

Abs Br Bright Red

Bright Red

Abs Cp Copper Penny

Copper Penny

Regular Metal Roof Colors

Abs Ch Charcoal Gray


Abs Cr Colonial Red

Colonial Red

Abs Mb Medium Bronze


Abg Fg Forest Green

Forest Green

Abg Sb Slate Blue

Slate Blue

Abg Bl Black


timber frame options

Interested in seeing all available options for our custom pavilions? Download our catalog and see just how far you can go in creating a custom backyard structure.

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Scheduling & Installation

When the down payment is received, we schedule an installation time for your pavilion.

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Love Your Outdoor Space

Enjoy making new memories, entertaining friends, and relaxing with family!

Why Work With Fisher’s Backyard Structures?

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Our years of experience help us know and understand the best practices for your structure’s design and build.

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Timber Frame Pavilions & Structures in Lancaster Country, PA

Timber Frame FAQ's

How long does it take to get a Timber Frame Pavilion from Fisher's?

Due to the size and materials of Timber Frame structures, we figure it typically takes between 8-25 weeks from when you initially order the structure to installation. Depending on the size and style of your structure, a foundation may need to be installed, and we will work with you on making sure this can happen efficiently and properly.

Can I build my own timber frame pavilion?

While there are Timber Frame pavilion kits, they can be difficult to install yourself unless you have the proper equipment and tools. The reason for this is due to the size, materials, and sometimes foundation required for timber frame structures.

If you aren't sure, then talk to us, and we'll be happy to help determine what's right for your situation.

Do Timber Frame pavilions need permits?

Building codes and the permitting process can vary by state and community. We recommend checking with your local government to determine codes and laws that would apply to your structure. You will also need to apply for any permits that are required for your project. If you are working with a landscape contractor, they may be able to pull the permits on your behalf.

Do you provide engineer drawings?

Yes, engineer-approved drawings are available for most of the timber frame pavilions we offer - particularly for larger structures. For an additional charge, we can also provide engineer-stamped drawings of your specific structure.

Do you install footers or concrete pads for large pavilions?

It depends on the size of the project and distance. If you live within 2.5 hours of New Holland, then our team may be able to do it. However, if it's a large foundation project - or further than 2.5 hours away - then we recommend working with a local company or contractor to help keep foundation costs minimal and to help stay on schedule.

Information courtesy of Fisher's Backyard Structures, 622 Farmersville Rd, New Holland, PA 17557