Timber Frame Pavilion Styles


The Timber Frame Process

The design of timber frame construction is made up of more than just skilled carpentry alone. Timber framing requires a great deal of science and time-tested, millennia old techniques to join the wooden beams together into a tight latticework structure.  The carefully joined beams are then held together by wooden pegs that leave an astonishingly stiff and secure connection.

This intricate joining of the wooden beams requires specialty tools and skilled craftsmanship in its assembly. The result – you receive a finished structure that is as strong and long-lasting as it is beautiful and majestic.

Bringing it Home

Why wait any longer? Join the revival of intrigue and desire for the true rustic majesty that can only be found in timber frame construction and bring breath-taking beauty to your property today! When you partner with timber framing for your new outdoor structure, you will achieve not only your dream outdoor or indoor experience, but a new level of respect, appreciation, and enjoyment of your property.

It is no accident that timber frame construction has grabbed your tasteful attention. Timber framing offers you an irresistible and exceptional structure. In an age where construction has become more simplistic and cookie cutter, timber frame construction by Fishers Backyard Structures stands just as distinctly majestic, strong, and proud as it has for past centuries.

Timber frame construction can be used for outdoor projects both large and small. Timber frames offer a warm welcome to guests and add an extra element of style to your home, and they are uniquely suited for all types of outdoor-living structures thanks to the strength, flexibility, craftsmanship and durability of the wood. So don’t let the question be “Why timber frames?”; let the question be “Why not timber frames?”

Popular Timber Frame Upgrades

Deluxe Upgrade, Standing Seam Metal Roof

Premium Upgrade, Regular Metal Roof


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